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The National Nosocomial COVID-19 Programme

The National Nosocomial COVID-19 Programme (NNCP) was established in direct response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Nosocomial” means - Any infection, including COVID-19, which is caught through the delivery of healthcare. An infection caught in hospital or through a healthcare setting is considered a patient safety incident, meaning the provisions of the Putting Things Right (PTR) process apply.     

There is now an agreed National Framework and programme of work to support a consistent national approach towards investigations following patient safety incidents of nosocomial COVID-19, this programme of work has ministerial support.

This document aims to provide answers to some of the common questions asked regarding the programme.  We acknowledge however that patients and families will have more detailed queries.  At the end of this document, readers will find contact details for each Health Board and Trust, where individual queries can be raised and responded to directly by the appropriate organisation.

Patient and Family frequently asked questions here.