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How we can Help

Raising a concern or giving a compliment in the NHS is not always easy, who do you speak to?

The CHC provides a free and independent client-led advocacy service that covers all aspects of NHS treatment and care. We offer a flexible approach to meet the needs of our clients. The level of support is tailored to the individual’s requirements and is provided in a friendly, confidential and professional manner, encouraging the NHS to learn from patients experiences and to make improvements where necessary.

Please note that the CHC does not provide medical advice or treatment, if you do require advice about a health problem, please follow this link to the NHS Direct Website. Alternatively, you can contact your GP.

Our Complaints Advocates will offer support by:

  • Giving you advice

  • Explaining your options

  • Informing you of your rights

  • Assisting you with correspondence

  • Supporting you in meetings

  • Voicing your concerns

  • Accessing your Health Records

For more information about the CHC Advocacy Service read our CHC Advocacy Guide 

If you have any health care concerns that you wish us to support you with, please feel free to contact us. Please note that we operate an appointment only system. 

To access the Advocacy Service you will also need to complete an Authorisation Form and Complaint Form.

When can our Complaint Advocacy Service help?

The NHS Wales concerns process 'Putting things right' is designed to help people to get their concerns heard and where possible, resolved. 

It encourages people to talk to their healthcare provider who may be able to help get something put right there and then. If you're not sure, you can contact us and we will help you find the right person to talk to. 

Our complaints advocacy service can help you at any stage in the NHS Wales concerns process.