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Our Team

Swansea Bay Community Health Council Staff:

Mwoyo Makuto, Chief Officer

Susan Evans, Deputy Chief Officer

Miranda Metha, Business Manager

Victoria Davies, PPE Officer

Angharad Sargent, Monitoring & Scrutiny Officer

Jessica Skinner-Quinn, Administrative Assistant

Evelina Rowlands, Complaints Advocate

Ian Coleman, Complaints Advocate

Deborah Lawson, Complaints Advocacy Support Officer

Tricia Cole, Complaints Advocacy Support Officer

Kathryn Rowe, Complaints Advocacy Support Officer


Swansea Bay Community Health Council Full Council Membership:

Local Authority

Cllr Angharad Aubrey (Neath Port Talbot)

Cllr Carolyn Edwards (Neath Port Talbot)

Cllr Wendy Lewis (Swansea)

Cllr Charlotte Galsworthy (Neath Port Talbot)

Cllr Mandy Evans (Swansea)

Cllr Paulette Smith (Swansea)

Voluntary Organisations

Farida Patel (Neath Port Talbot) - Chair of Neath Port Talbot Local Committee

Dana Evans (Swansea)

Ann Spinks (Swansea)

Welsh Government

Hugh Pattrick (Neath) - Chair of Swansea Bay CHC

Margaret Price (Neath) - Vice Chair of Swansea Bay CHC

Wendy Lloyd Davies (Swansea) - Chair of Swansea Local Committee

Elisabeth Thomas (Neath Port Talbot)

Co-opted Members

Calvin Smith (Swansea)

Malcolm Harrington (Swansea)