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Our Meetings

MEETINGS: The Community Health Council holds regular meetings of which members of the public are invited to attend.  Dates and Minutes of these meetings are available below.


During the coronavirus pandemic, all our staff and members are working from home.  We are not having face-to-face meetings.  Instead, we are having our Committee meetings virtually.  They remain open to the public, via Microsoft Teams. 

If you would like to see our Committee meetings via videoconference, please contact us by email at least 4 days before a Committee meeting or telephone 01639 683490  This is so we can check that you have the technology you need to see the meeting.

Although we are no longer having face-to-face meetings, we still want you to be able to find out about our activities and the decisions we take. 

We aim to:‚Äč

  • Publish a public notice 2 weeks before the meeting takes place
  • Publish the agenda for a virtual committee meeting at least 5 days before we meet
  • Publish a briefing or draft minutes of a virtual committee meeting in the week after we meet

   We will also see whether we can ‘live stream’ our committee meetings on the internet.

We will email our public committee papers to you if you ask for them. 

You can also email or telephone us and ask questions about what we are doing using the contact details above.